Winter Road Salt

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We supply and deliver full truck loads (40 tons) of bulk road salt to your location. We also have salt stored at our Ontario facility, available for pickup and local delivery in smaller quantities.

Large pile of winter road salt underneath an awning at the Mar-Co warehouse


Thawrox is the industry’s premier deicing product, combining the performance of liquid deicing technology with proven melting effects of rock salt

  • Reduces bounce and scatter – 95% stays in the targeted application area.
  • Good adhesion to roadway with continuing residual effects
  • Reduces fuel and labor costs
  • Works in cold temperatures (5˚ F / -15˚ C)
  • Less wind-borne loss of finer salt
Blue Thawrox crystals dispersed on gravel

Salt and sand bins

Whether you have a snow & ice maintenance business or are the manager of a business with a large lot to maintain, our salt and sand bins are an ideal addition to your winter maintenance items!

Salt and sand bins are ideal for locations that need more protection from ice build-up. Sturdy hinged-lids that open wide for easy access to the contents.

  • Durable and reliable bins for every day work.
  • Portable; yet tough enough to stay year-round!
  • Standard colour: Blue
Blue Salt Bin

Ice Melters

Ice Sheild Ice Melter


Premium Ice Melter

#SHI2  I  20 kg bag  I  56 bags/pallet

Your before-the-storm solution!
No harmful chemicals. Anti-corrosion formula.
Fast dissolving technology.
71% less corrosive than commercial road salt.
Pet-friendly; formulated to provide a safer choice for pet owners.
Product will melt ice below -30°C.

Jet Blue Ice Fighter

Jet Blue

Ice Fighter

#JBLU2  I  20 kg bag  I  56 bags/pallet

Attack snow and ice with military precision!
Made from Gen3™ Runway De-icer - the latest in runway de-icing technology,
this -30°C formulation is the standard at major commercial airports and military bases across North America.
Formulated with x-22 Corrosion Inhibitor allows for faster, long-lasting ice-melting capability on sidewalks, steps, porches and driveways, while limiting corrosion.
When applied as directed, it’s bright colour and superior ice-melting qualities are 100% pet-friendly and won’t track inside or stain. All while ensuring you have the edge on winter’s worst storms.

Eco Salt Ice Melter


Commercial Ice Melter

#ESAL2.1  I  20 kg bag I  56 bags/pallet

EcoMelt™ Ice Melter with x-22 corrosion inhibitor is a revolutionary new
product developed for the contractor who is concerned for the environment
but also needs results.
Not only is the product safe for animals, it’s safe for lawns, walkways, and driveways. With lower application rates than traditional rock salt, and longer residual melting period, you’re making less applications adding less corrosive elements to the environment, and extending the life of your equipment.

Safe Step Ice Salt

Safe Step®

Rock Salt/Halite 3300

#SALT2.20  I  20 kg bag I  56 bags/pallet

Time-tested and proven under winter conditions, Safe Step Rock Salt/Halite 3300 deicer works efficiently and effectively to melt snow and ice. Our unique screening process results in optimum-sized crystals for improved spreading and enhanced melting. Choosing a reliable and economical ice melter doesn’t get any simpler.

  • Melts ice to 59F 1-15°C
  • Optimum-sized crystals for enhanced spreading and melting
  • Ideal combination of performance and value